A tutor, an advisor, a consultant  someone to run errands.  What  do you need? Contact  us we can  help you.

If you need help then it’s here


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This is the beauty of  our services  it can be any small task that you need help with.  We are excellent with seniors or families with no one who can cover be there for them at the moment.

We are a new company that has developed from a need for help on a one time basis or a extended service.  

We are based in the Pahrump Nevada area which is about 60 miles from Las Vegas.  In addition, we also have an associates in the Sterling Heights Michigan area.  Most of the consultations can be accomplished on the Internet but there are opportunities  to to have consultations if you are in the area..  We are always expanding and contracting new associates and will be adding them  constantly.

This is a need that all experienced at one time or another.  There is no one that is available among our friends or family we need something done.  We might not want to involve our friends or family in what we want to accomplish.

Insurance issues.


Help Me ASAP

We developed this site to help people with their day to day problems.  We all have things that need help with it can be a one time or an ongoing skill that you want help with.